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Thank you for your message. This is ConsumerCreditUS.

The verification company, Competitive Verification Services, is contracted by companies, financial institutions, landlords and employers to check out and certify the personal information and identity that was provided to them by their customer, employee or renter, including an identity check.

They charge just $9.95 for the verification process. It is not a credit check and they do not need your credit scores. They can answer any questions you may have regarding verification. They cannot answer questions regarding apartment rentals, loans, employment, contracts or financial dealings.

Once payment and acceptable ID are received, verification can take up to 24 hours, however it usually only takes a few hours or less, during business hours. Once verified, they will provide you with a verification number which you will need to provide to us.

If you have questions regarding loans or financing, please contact us. If we have referred you to another lending partner, please contact that partner directly.

Please click the following link to get verified now:



Sincerely, William Flores, ConsumerCreditUS