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Thank you for your message.

The verification company has received your payment.

IN ORDER TO COMPLETE YOUR VERIFICATION, they need a copy of an acceptable ID.
(Driver’s License, Passport or Official Non-Driver ID)
Must be of good quality.

You can scan your ID with a scanner and email it to them, if you’d like. However, they have also set up a text messaging service for the convenience of their customers, allowing you to take a picture of your ID from your phone and then texting it to them.

You can text it to 307-621-8075 (only for text messaging, not a phone number)
Or you can email it to: support@CompetitiveCredit.com

Make sure it is clear and legible. If everything is in order, they will complete your verification and email and/or text you the results. If there is any problem with your documentation, they will inform you. As soon as they receive the document, they will email/text you within 24 hours or less, usually just a few hours. When verification is complete, they will provide you with a verification ID # which you will need to provide to us and they will also provide you with a link back to us, to continue to Step 2, which is to receive the Agreement and sign it, if it is acceptable.

Sincerely, William Flores, ConsumerCreditUS