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We have waived the requirement for verification and the $9.95 fee.

The guaranteed offer that we told you about, was made to you by one of our partners, JPL Guarantee (Option # 1, below). They  charge a fee, but they guarantee results. If you cannot afford to pay their referral fee, then that is not an option for you.

Options # 2 through # 4 (below) are guaranteed offers for credit lines.

Options # 5 through # 9 (below) do not offer any guarantees whatsoever, but they also do not charge any fees. Please click any or all of the options below, depending on your needs:

1) JPL Guarantee
Loans and lines of credit up to $100,000.
This company charges a fee for their service but they guarantee results.
Enter the Invitation Code Number:  91759
or click the following link:


2) NetFirst Platinum  Instant Approval / $750 credit line

3) Freedom Gold Card   Instant Approval / $750 credit line

4) Group One Platinum   Instant Approval / $750 credit line


No Guarantees and No Fees:

5) Any Size Loan to Meet Your Needs:
Credit Soup Personal Loans

6) Loans up to $30,000 or more:
One Loan Place Loans

7) Debt Consolidation:
One Loan Place Debt

8) Loans Up to $2,500:
Honest Loans

9) Loans up to $15,000:
Zippy Loans


Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

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